Thursday, December 31, 2009

Random Playlist of Sorts

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Menu for 2009

Late one night My Mum and I wrote down a Christmas Menu, although some of the menu was not made.

Moon Clouds Triangle

I put this T-Shirt Design on this blog, as well as another blog, due to the design being finished at Midnight.

An idea that I've been playing around with for a while.

Last night at about 11pm, I then thought maybe I should put a wolf in the centre with sunglasses, and lasers, but unfortunately it's a little hard due to not have the old Wacom, which makes it easy to adjust pictures.

You can get a T-Shirt with this on Redbubble

Friday, December 25, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Barrel of Monkeys Graphic

Felt a little creative and made this new badge for Barrel of Monkeys.

Last show for 2009

At the moment I'm going through my pile of CD's that have built up over the last few months, will probably use them for the next Barrel of Monkeys on PBSfm this Tuesday 2-6am.

Some acts I might play

Friday, December 18, 2009

Black Sorrows Rockin' Zydeco Christmas Party

Thornbury Theatre, Saturday December 12, $35 (I think)

Was a little disappointed as expected more Zydeco, talented Musicians, great PA at the Thornbury Theatre, and was also disappointed that I couldn't hear the slide guitar and accordion.

Teppansan - Melbourne CBD

Japanese on Tuesday (15/12/09), the second time that I've been to Teppansan in Melbourne CBD.

I think this was Shabu Shabu, not the best.

The seafood pancake was awesome, this was the second time I've had this here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Is there a ghost in my carpark?

I tend to put the recycling out late at night, as this is the only time I have to put it out, and it's a little creepy at night, things go bump.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dead Set

link to youtube video if this embeded get taking down.

I been watching and enjoying Dead Set, a Zombie mini-series set in the UK big brother set. And it's been giving me the jumps.
Dead Set [DVD] [2008] PAL

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Zombie Movie Severed

SBS is having this Zombie festival on, and recently on another TV station they've been playing the Resident Evil movies, which were better than expected and fun.

This have a great show going over the forest at the start which you can part of this in the trailer. This is one of those movies where nature attacks back at humans, who have been destroying it and modifying it.

Find Severed - Forest of the Dead DVD at Amazon
 Severed - Forest of the Dead

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Barrel of Monkeys Blurb

This is the most recent blurb found in the PBSfm magazine Easystreet, I wonder if Mara wrote this?

It reads 'Feature albums, feature artists, interviews, one hit wonders, loads of great tracks and a healthy dash of trivia.'

Thursday, November 5, 2009

CMJ 2009

Here is a list of acts that I went to at CMJ, images to come. This list was compiled by Mara with more details, but I just wanted to list the band without comments. Although it was a great note she posted on facebook. I may further update this with my own notes that I made on my phone at some later stage.

UPDATE: There are a couple of wrong links in this post, I'm going through them again. Let me know if you spot anything wrong.

Tuesday 20/10/2009

Missed Surf City (myspace) in the NZ showcase - Were originaly Kill Surf City, but had to change there name due to a UK group with the same name. The four piece was one of the much hyped bands of CMJ 2009.

Venue Canal Room
Laura Warshauer (myspace) from New Jersey
Dick Prall (myspace)

Venue Crash Mansion Downstairs
Demander (myspace) from New York
Fag and Hag (Margaret Cho) 2 piece with backing tape, very funny.
Sydney Wayser (myspace) singer songwriter from Brooklyn, New York.
Family of the Year (myspace) 6 piece from Silverlake, California.

Venue Pianos
Jukebox and the Electric
The Octagon (myspace)

Venue Arlene's Grocery
Peephole (myspace) 3 piece from Brooklyn, New York
Mon Khmer

Wednesday 23rd October

Venue Sullivan Hall

Clinton Curtis (myspace) grew up between the islands of Jamaica and Key West, Florida, the son of musicians and reggaehall owners.

Venue Local 269

Venue Bowery Electric

Venue Mercury Lounge

Venue Cake Shop
We Are Country Mice (myspace)
Surfer Blood (myspace)

(Cake Shop - After CMJ acts)
Helado Negro (myspace)

(from this website) The son of Ecuadorean immigrants, Roberto Carlos Lange was born in South Florida in 1980. His childhood was suffused with tropical heat, humidity, hurricanes, all refracted with the rich sounds and colors of the various Latin American cultures of southern Florida.
Sure Juror (myspace) a 4 piece from Philadelphia, Pennsylvani
Poingly (myspace) solo artist with backing tape

Thursday 22 October 2009

Earl Greyhound (myspace)
Shooter Jennings (myspace)
JJ Grey and Mofro (myspace)

Venue Lit Lounge
Band Unknown

Venue Drom
Band Unknown (we had missed all the bands playing here but a Greek Band was playing tradional songs)

Venue Arlene's Grocery
Priestess (myspace)

Venue Piano's
BM Linx (myspace)

Venue Cake Shop
Shaky Hands (myspace)

Venue Delancey's
Male Bonding (myspace)
Crash and Burn

Friday Oct 23rd

NBC experience - Rockerfeller Plaza
XX (a short free set, non CMJ) (myspace)

venue The Knitting Factory
Budos Band (myspace)

Venue 790 Metropolitan Avenue
The Love Makers (myspace)

Venue The Suffolk - Matador Showcase
Cold Cave (myspace)
Ted Leo (myspace)

Venue Delancey's
New Villager (myspace) two piece from Ben Bromley & Ross Simonini are from GlenPark, CA + BedStuy, New York (well according to there myspace page)

Saturday 24th October

Venue Mercury Lounge (Sub Pop / Hardly Art)
Dum Dum Girls (myspace)
Moondoggies (myspace)
Golden Triangle (myspace)
Dutchess and the Duke (myspace) four piece from Seattle, Washington
Pissed Jeans (myspace)
Obits (subpop)

Venue Cake Shop
Miracles of Modern Science MP3

Other Cool Bars in New York City
Detroit Motor City
Beauty Bar

Images of New York

I put this video on my site, but thought I put it up here too, I'll post more Music oriented NY post's here and more Images on the gregtippett site.

Talking Dog

Thanks for Perk's for pointing this one out, 'A Boy & His Dog'.

Friday, October 9, 2009

CMJ Music Festival Schedule

This is my CMJ very ruff Schedule, which will probably change. I've put things on this that I want to see and thing that might be interesting.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

East Brunswick All Girls Choir at High Vibes

Can't comment on East Brunswick All Girls Choir as the venue it was in, maybe a hairdressers, was way too loud. Also the kids were all sitting down, at a rock gig, you kids are strange.

More High Vibes stuff to come.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Barrel of Monkeys at High Vibes

Mara, Greg and Gareth attempt to do some djing at High Vibes 2009

I was very nervous in front of all these people but it was well worth it and fun. More pictures and some video to come. This was at the PBS stage, we were in between Downhills Home (3- 3.40pm) and The Red Tree (4-4.40pm)

Thanks to Anna at PBS for passing this picture along.

Here is the Playlist, I don't think it's in order though, but fairly close

2 "Bush Skank" Exotic Pets from Dis-Jointed
3 "The Wizard" Black Sabbath from Black Sabbath
4 "The Unhooked Generation" Freda Payne from The Best Series
5 "DeceptiShot" (Pat Benatar vs. Le Tigre) DJ lobsterdust remix
6 "Cherry Bomb The Runaways The Definitive Story Of CBGB
7 "Mean Son Of A Gun" Kitty Daisy & Lewis from Kitty Daisy & Lewis
8 "Jungle Rock" Tav Falco's Panther Burns from Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi, Vol. 1
9 "Love's A Real Thing" Super Eagles from World Psychedelic Classics 3 - Love's A Real Thing
10 "Reasons" Minnie Riperton from LateNightTales: Matt Helders
11 "Know How" Young MC from Rapper's Delight: Back In The Day [Disc 1]

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mashed up Sunday

First off got to thank John for tweeting this,

which then I found this

Muppets vs Electric Six - Gay Muppet Bar
then I found this

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Prodigy - Girls

Cheryl not Beryl

I love watching schizzapuff3 video's, heaps of silly dancing, all for promoting a Cheryl The Dance Party, sometimes held in a club in Brooklyn called The Bell House(I so want to go there when I go to New York), but I doubt everyone there would be wearing masks. Schizzapuff3 also has great tunes for there video, this track on this video was new to me, called 'Hold on' by Holy Ghost!.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dollsquad and The Gung Hoes at Yah Yah's

Yah Yah's 10th September 2009, free

Dollsquad was very cool, with there rock, leather clad, all girl group, felt very fresh with comparison to Tim Rogers outfit The Gung Hoes. The Gung Hoes are made up of Tim Rogers, Davey Lane, Pete Satchell (Dallas Crane) and Evan Richards (Cold Harbour). Yah Yah's filled up with punters wanting to here Tim new outfit, although I know a few people that got bored and went across the road to see cool new kids play some new music (see the bellow poster).

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Old and New

Did a little venue hop on Wednesday 9/9/09.

Bar Open had IN BETWEEN WORDS: readings & performances, covers of songs by The Triffids & David McComb. I this gig I managed to see Blackeyed Susans Trio and Single Men’s Drinking Club. Both were very good. Single Men's drinking Club did this great cover of a Triffids song that I don't know the name, but it started with spoken word then went all prog rock. The old problem I find with Bar Open is that there are too many seats, hard to walk around in the dark then bumping into one, and way too many people. I was sweating like it was 40c in summer and make it even more annoying people all around me were breaking wind, which made me run out of the Blackeyed Susans Trio to take cover.

After that went to the Birmingham and caught last song by Into the Woods and a full set by The Thod.
Later went to see the thod, young kids who have small turn outs to there gigs. This was the third time that I have seen them play, for a small venue the sound was good, a very much relaxed gig, with a few of the band members sitting on the tiny stage, also the princible tamorinist cracks me up with his campy banter.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Podcast Episode 6

Episode 6

Direct download
This is probably not the best podcast I've made but still thought I post it up. My play list was fudged up, so some of the tracks on this list are jumbled. Some more details will be added in the next few days.

'Begin the Engine' by Andrew W.K. from the album 55 Cadillac (buy it here) More On This Album

'Hey Mister' by GreaterGood from the album Shake Til I Let You Go More On This Album

'15 to 20 (feat. Lady Tigra)' by The Phenomenal Handclap Band from the album The Phenomenal Handclap Band (buy it here) More On This Album

'Have I Told You?' by Dreamdate from the album Patience More On This Album

'Batwood' by The Dry Spells from the album Too Soon For Flowers (buy it here) More On This Album

'Beach' by West Indian from the album Girl We Believe More On This Album

'It's Enough To Leave You...' by Monahans from album Dim the Aurora (buy it here) More On This Album

'Heavens To Purgatory' The Most Serene Republic from the album ...And The Ever Expanding Universe (buy it here) More On This Album

'Taking Her Time' by The Thod from the album Welcome to Thod Country

Friday, September 4, 2009

Another night at Yah Yah's

Thursday 3 September 2009
Yah Yah's, I know going there a little too much these days, probably should check out another venue, but there gig's are free.
THE SWINDLERS only caught there last song, can't really say much from that, but would like to hear more
GOODNIGHT LOVING (USA) Short song, tight, some good guitar work, bit's of surf and country sounds.

Goodnight Loving. Yah Yah's. Thursday 3 Sep 09. on

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Last Saturday at Yah Yah's

Saturday 29th August 2009, Yah Yah's, Free.

SUZIE STAPLETON - Solid performer, too many people talking in the background though, Isn't that a little rude though.

CRYSTAL THOMAS & THE FLOWERS OF EVIL - I've enjoyed Crystal live, some great guitar work, although a little loud, maybe this was why Crystal seemed to a little too loud to compete with the guitars.

JAMES McCANN'S DIRTY SKIRT BAND - He has some great song, although they went on a little bit, this was a really long set, and I grew tired, and so to the members of the band, and the keyboardist was seen at the bar on the last couple of songs (possibly a little self indulgent towards the end).

The Magic Box # 2

Late again at PBSfm doing my radio show, looking through the magic box for some gold.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Music that will be played this Tuesday

Golden Silvers 'Arrows of Eros' from True Romance on XL

Bertie Blackman 'Thump' from Secrets and Lies on Forum 5 recordings

Not this one but something by Steve Spacek
"Original" Space Invadas (STEVE SPACEK and KATALYST)

also have another Wahoo track but this one is cool too

Wahoo 'Get Another Girl'

I love a Moutain of One, song 'Bones' from new Album Institute of Joy (2009). If you like Fleetwoodmac get into this!

and something some Zombie Zombie

Kaitsuburi "Tesri" Featuring Mico, Music by Robert Lippok & Barbara Morgenstern

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Magic Box # 1

This was taken late one night at PBSfm while doing a radio show you may listen to called Barrel of Monkeys (probably on the 18th August). We've nickname the Box at the front entrance of PBSfm as 'The Magic Box' as you never know what musical magic you can find, a gold coin donation and it's yours.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Three Gigs in One Night

The Thod at Revolver

Thursday 20th August


Neon, Royal Control, Shredded Vinyls and The Thod

I particularly went to this gig to see The Thod again as was unhappy with there last gig, nothing to do with them but the PA system at there last gig I went to was not the best quality, but I quite surprised with the Revolvers sound system as it was a treat, could hear everything that was going on stage, and there was so much in a 8 piece band. I highly recommend this young band, some great guitar work, and harmonica’s too.

Yah Yah’s
Don’t know which one I saw, but the guitar and bass was great, really drew me in.

Blue Tile Lounge
Don’t know who the band who was playing but they reminded me of Nirvana, and later I was told by someone that Nirvana

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Something new

I've been hearing this tune on a NAB commercial, and didn't know what it was well found out today while listening to Triple R it was 'Chasing Waterfalls' by Faux Pas. Faux Pas store has the EP that this song is from for free. Faux Pas is Tim Shiel is a Melbourne based producer, blogger and does some radio (by reading the blog did some time on Triple R breakfast).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

District 9

I saw District 9 yesterday, it was a packed cinema at 4pm, and not many add as well.

which reminded me of The Office

and this film Enemy Mine from 1985


Puta Madre Bros, 1 man band x 3

Saturday 15 August
Yah Yah's

Go-Go Sapien were on fire tonight, very tight, all wearing white, much more impressed than last show I saw them play at Yah Yah's.

Didn't know what I was going to see with Puta Madre Bros, it was a little hard to get a grip with the concept of a 1 man band x 3 (see above picture). They really did rock out to a packed crowd. There bio describes them as one-man-band-triplets of highly fuelled hi-speed knock-em-out mexicano-garage-soul music, but a work mate who came along describe them as Rockin Mariachi.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Thod

The Thod, Free
Royal Derby, Fitzroy
Friday 14/8/2009
Jugs of house Draught Beer $10 Jugs, it was ok, cold.

I haven’t been to the Royal Derby for quite some time, and even thought it had closed down. I think last time I’ve been there was in 2000 to whack some balls around on the pool table.

I enjoyed listening to the Thod material, believe it was a pre release CD that I got, but the PA system didn’t do them any justice, maybe the PA was set to loud, and the band couldn’t hear themselves. I also wasn’t a fan of the stage as the wooden partition (something you might see in a restaurant separating tables) seem to box the 8 piece band in.

The last band that I saw reminded me of early 90’s music, take a little from the Stone Roses and some other band I can’t remember. This band didn’t interest me, but the crowd seem to swell to watch them play.

The outside area was packed, even though it was cold, with plenty of smokers and non-smokers, enjoying a conversation where you could hear each other, remember those?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chris Joss

Chris Joss - Discotheque Dancing

Will be playing 'I Want Freedom' by Chris Joss on the next Barrel of Monkeys. I think this album was released 2008 but I'm still coming back to it.


Siriusmo - Diskoding

Ben Mono
- Protection (Siriusmo remix)

Soul a Go Go

Some shoe gazing at Soul A Go Go

Another great Soul Night in Melbourne can be found at the Laundry every first weekend of the Month. It was probably the most packed Soul Night at the Laundry I have been too, know doubt for Vince's 25th. I was going to take some video and pictures but it was so dark so even see through the view finder, lucky for photo's it had that green helper light thing.

The Gem

Friday 31st of July 2009

The Gem in Colingwood has plenty of Elvis pictures, including this clock. Although there were plenty of tables and chairs in the bar area, there wasn't enough places to stand and dance as it got packed fairly quickly.

The Band was Chris Altmann & Que Paso
"Celebrating first gig at the Gem, and Zane's birthday!"
Was I told that Chris is from Vandas/Paesanos who plays lap-string steel.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Skidly Bop

I want to hang out with these poeple in NY (well at least dance with them). I love how this is all surreal, very dream like state.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Friday 24 July
$0 (Free)

Another Free gig, which maybe is something I"m getting into. It was fairly quiet at Yah Yahs, but from what I hear picks up after 11.30, when the rock DJ's start playing tunes to fill the floor.

Go Go Sapien play a Psychedelic/Garage/Pop and have enjoyed listening to there recordings, for me this didn't really replicate, but they were really energetic on stage.

I was impressed by The Get Go, played some nice pop garage which took me to another place. Only got to see them play about 4-5 songs, as I had to get the last tram back home. There was a few youngs tools or wankers in the Audience heckling the lead singers eye patch.

The Pictures, Dave Larkin and Crystal Thomas with Spencer Jones


Got to love a free gig. This went so quickly, partly due to the nice cold drinks and secondary the company. Crystal Thomas was very cut back, just her self and Spencer Jones. This gig is now a blur and I should wright it up the next day.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


PETE ROSS & THE PAESANOS and SEAN McMAHON(Solo) at Yah Yahs (Free)

I was really captivated by Sean McMahon, who played an acoustic guitar and sometimes used a harmonica. He reminded me a little of the eals.

Pete Ross(the former guitarist from Dan Brodie & The Broken Arrows) and the Parsanos (was told later that the Parsanos were the Vandas?) had some great guitar and slide guitar action. Some Guitar solo's really took me away to another place.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Podcast Episode 5

Download mp3 or go to itunes and search for 'Up Late in Melbourne' to subscribe.

1. ‘Edge of Nowhere’ by Rapoon from Dark Rivers on Lens Records
More On This Album
2. ‘Sala’ by Abigail Washburn & The Shanghai Restoration Project from Afterquake on Undercover Culture Music
More On This Album
3. ‘Tricycle Days’ by Mint from Cardboard Rocketships on Boltfish Recordings
More On This Album
4. ‘Twin of Myself’ by Black Moth Super Rainbow from Eating Us on Graveface Records
More On This Album
5. ‘Vermillion Plaza’ by Deastro from Vermillion Plaza on Ghostly International
More On This Album
6. ‘Perfect Fit’ by Clues from Clues on Constellation
More On This Album
7. ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by I Am Alaska from To Elude the Architect on No Sleep Records
More On This Album
8. ‘Endless Love’ by The Fresh & Onlys from The Fresh & Onlys
More On This Album
9. ‘Peacock and Wing’ by The Fresh & Onlys from The Fresh & Onlys
More On This Album
10. ‘Eeexxxpppaaannndddiiinnnggg’ by Gay Beast from Second Wave on Skin Graft Records
More On This Album
11. ‘Medicine’ by Starfucker from Jupiter on Badman Recording
More On This Album
12. ‘Collocation’ by Alka fromA Dog Lost In The Woods on Electronic Eel Records
More On This Album

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still diggin Mylo's 'Destroy Rock & Roll'

I first heard this album in the second half of 2004 while living in Japan, thanks to an English ALT friend I made by the name of Neil (who now I've lost contact with). For me this album still hold up, some great work conceived via laptops, but what ever happened to Mylo? I was going to see him person with a full piece band at the prince but this was canceled due to him breaking an appendage.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


JE SUIS ANIMAL (Norway) with THE CRAYON FIELDS and The Zebras
The Edinburgh Castle

Great price for an international act and 2 local bands.

I just rocked up to miss out on The Zebras who were said to be, by my friend, to have a Smiths sound.

The Crayon Fields were ok again, short sweet indie pop tunes, lead singer sometimes has annoying banter. I’ve seen them so many times I think I’ve lost all my feelings for them, if that makes any sense.

JE SUIS ANIMAL had some sweet female vocals, they reminded of Stereo Lab, but more pop, with tastes of 80’s Indie and 60’s psychedelica.

I think there playing again on the 27th of June at The Edinburgh Castle, I wonder if this will be a charged gig, Edinburgh Castle often has some nice free gig’s for a great little pub venue in the front bar.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stuff from Japan

Mara sent me these video's a while ago via facebook(now I'm getting to watch them) sent to her via Julian Wu(Melbourne Music Guy, seen at many gigs)
Loves - accidentally

Aiha Higurashi - Fantasy (penthouse ver)

Aiha Higurashi - NEW LIFE

TsuShiMaMiRe performs "My Brain Shortcake"

つしまみれ "エアコンのリモコン" - tsushimamire "air control remote control

Arm Wrestling with Scorpions

Today on Barrel of Monkeys Gareth played a couple of Gary Glitter covers

Matt from the Breakfast Spread came in to say hello before his show started and told us about this video featuring Girlschool and Gary Glitter Arm Wrestling with Scorpions, it happens a little after half way through the video.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mark Pritchard & Steve Spacek are Africa Hi-Tech Sound System

Cost $15

This was the set list for Saturday night

21:00-22:30: JPS
22:30-23:30: Dexter (did not do a set, he was sighted though)
23:30-01.00: Declan Kelly
01.00-03.00: Africa Hi-Tech Sound System

21:00-23:00: Dust
23:00-01.00: Inkswel

The night when from Soul/RnB style to more of a minimalist techno.
I was really disappointed that Dexter didn't play.
When Africa Hi-Tech Sound System it was really packed upstairs, go barely move, heaps of music like nerds that were probably taking it a little to serious. It was great how down stairs had up stairs pumping through the speakers, as here was a little more room to move.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Starfucker - Medicine
from E.P. Jupiter, on Badman Recording

Reminds me of MGMT and Of Montreal.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


With a new logo, we have a new look PBS and a new Radio festival.

Barrel of Monkeys had another awesome radio festival show, with a late night 'spooky' theme. Check out the playlist at PBSfm's website.

For our secret spooky shame with had 'Ghostbusters' by Ray Parker Junior.

And also played this Alice Cooper 'Welcome to my nightmare' (although it wasn't this version)

The Muppet's used to give me Nightmares when I was little.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

iglu and hartly

In the world of the internet I found this the other day

which is like an indie rock group with some rap thrown in, like what Linkon Park did for Alt Metal.
Also digging the animation in this video clip, it reminded me of ghost in the shell.


Ratatat, Qua and Worlds End Press(did not see) at the Corner Friday 15th, $30+BF

Qua was very hypnotic, 2 piece, Laptop, Synth, Electronic Drums and Sampler/Loop machine(I think)
Ratatat had some great guitar riffs and visuals, with plenty of electronic beats and samples.
I was up the front for most of it, but couldn’t stand it, seams that all the f*** heads are up the front, they tend to get a little overexcited, pushy, violent to others, and all the mellow people who would like to have a non intrusive dance stand up the back.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Up Late in Melbourne Podcast: Episode 4

1. Bayonets by Bricolage from Self Tittled Album on Slumberland
More On This Album
2. Make It Take It by The American Analog Set from Hard to Find: Singles and Unreleased 2000-2005 on Hometown Fantasy
More On This Album
3. March of the Balloon Animals by Dengue Fever from Dengue Fever Presents: Sleepwalking Through the Mekong on M80
More On This Album
4. It Was a Better Time by The Hermit from Turn Up (The Stereo) on So Called Recordings
More On This Album
5. Safe Word by Vampire Hands from Me & You Cherry Red / Cuz It's a Beach Funeral on Modern Radio
Buy at Modern Radio
6. Gorgeous Behavior by Marching Band from Spark Large on U & L Records, Inc.
Buy at InSound (for CDs)
7. Young Adult Friction by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart on Slumberland
More On This Album
8. Half Asleep by School of Seven Bells from Alpinisms on Ghostly International
More On This Album
9. Don and Sherri (Hot Chip Version) by Matthew Dear, Hot Chip on Asa Breed Black Edition on Ghostly International
More On This Album

Sunday, May 10, 2009

No Through Road


From Adelaide No Through Roads single 'Party to Survive' from new album Winer out through Low Transit Industries.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lady of Pop

Lady Sovereign - So Human

This is such a pop number, I would feel very scared to play it on PBSfm. I love the use of sampling of the Cure's 'Close to Me'.

Howling Bells

Howling Bells - Cities Burning Down

Just been listening to 'Treasure Hunt' from Howling Bells and like what I hear, it's from there new album Radio Wars which has been out for awhile, and haven't listened to it yet.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Come Back

Last Friday night one of my long time RL friends decided to disappear from the interwebs (well his words were more like take a break from Facebook). And instantly thought of this song...

Player - Baby Come Back

Also I've been trying to get this smooth track on itunes but they have some crappy updated version, looks like I'll be heading to the record store.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Richie 1250

Ventured into the Old Bar on Friday to see Richie play with his band the Brides of Christ. Did happen to hear a little of Howl at the Moon, very tight and Toot Toot Toot, very challenging.

Richie was really intense on stage, really getting into the moment, dancing into the crowd. Also the guitar was really tight, and the whole band too.

Richie Myspace
Bands Myspace

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Soul a Go Go

This was probably the best Soul a Go Go I've been to. Crowd was a little over 28's, and started off being a little quiet at 10 but then got packed around 11. Highlights were Vince, Paul Sadot (in the soul room) and DJ Prequel.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gigs in Tokyo

A friend of mine wanted to know if I remembered any websites that listed gigs in Japan, as I once lived there back 2004-05, I couldn’t remember, I found a few links from another website. This is what I found.

Tokyo Gig Guide : I used to go to this site a bit, but know I don’t know how long it’ll be there because geocities will be closing down soon.

soundispatch: This is a collection of musicians, writers, designers and artist based in Tokyo -

Japan English Magazine -

Metropolis gig guide -

Japanese Music Mag -

music reviews, bands, gig schedule and event in Tokyo -

Japan times Concert listing -

Flyers and Posters from upcoming gigs and events -

A doco of underground music in Tokyo -

Record shopping in Japan -

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Video Bars in Melbourne CBD

397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

23 Meyers Place, Melbourne

If you know any more bar in Melbourne CBD, leave a comment.

New Music: Dirty Secrets

Dirty Secrets - Transmission
Four piece from Perth with a New wave type of sound.

My New Fav YT clib

Very thin Ice

This is my new favourite YouTube clip by user schmoyoho. I really love the vocoder, and this whole shadae thing(does he say Shadae). Also the keytar that pops up in the start.

Last Night:: Art, Coffee and Music

Some video I took last night while hanging with some friends.

The tune at the start was made with Korg DS-10 via my DS.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jeremy Jay

Jeremy Jay
'lite beam'(slow rez version)

Youtube channel

I'm now listening to this his album Slow Dance where you can find this track and also Slow Dance. This all reminds me of some tunes you may of heard on 80's am, but unlike those gold hits, I'm drawn to this.

Lowry - Whiskey

I can't get this Lowry(5 piece from Brooklyn) song out of my head, it's so familiar.

Sparrow House - Weeping Willow(Sebastian Schuller cover)

This is very haunting song, but am totally into it.
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Uplate in Melbourne Podcast: Episode 3


1 Balmorhea 'Harm & Boon' from Album All Is Wild, All Is Silent
All Is Wild, All Is SilentBalmorhea
"Harm & Boon" (mp3)
from "All Is Wild, All Is Silent"
(Western Vinyl)
More On This Album

2 Dosh 'If You Want To, You Have To' from Album Wolves and Wishes
Wolves and WishesDosh
"If You Want To, You Have To" (mp3)
from "Wolves and Wishes"
More On This Album

3 Here We Go Magic 'Fangela' from Album Here We Go Magic
Here We Go MagicHere We Go Magic
"Fangela" (mp3)
from "Here We Go Magic"
(Western Vinyl)
More On This Album

4 Telephone Jim Jesus 'A Mouth of Fingers' from Album Anywhere Out Of The Everything
Anywhere Out Of The EverythingTelephone Jim Jesus
"A Mouth of Fingers" (mp3)
from "Anywhere Out Of The Everything"
More On This Album

5 Rae & Christian 'Play On (feat. The Jungle Brothers) (Regrind '09)' from Album Raiding The Vaults

6 Tune-Yards 'Sunlight' from Album Bird-Brains
"Sunlight" (mp3)
from "Bird-Brains"
(Marriage Records)
More On This Album

7 Lucky Dragons 'Morning Ritual' from Album Dream Island Laughing Language
Dream Island Laughing LanguageLucky Dragons
"Morning Ritual" (mp3)
from "Dream Island Laughing Language"
(Marriage Records)
More On This Album

8 Upsidedown Astronaut 'Transmission #4' from Album Flight 1998
Flight 1998Upsidedown Astronaut
"Transmission #4" (mp3)
from "Flight 1998"
(Kid Without Radio)
More On This Album