Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Rydeen

I found out about this band via fauxpas(recent album Noiseworks has been nominated for a Independent Music Award) Yellow Magic Orchestra is a three piece Japanese electro group formed back in 1978 (wiki). If you like Daft Punk this will float your boat. Also this is a great video.

Yellow Magic Orchestra Usa & Yellow MagiUc Ymo: Ultimate Collection of Yellow Magic Orch 

Tried and Tested. The Julian Wu Life Project

Exciting today this I was advised of an exciting new Melbourne Music blog 'Tried and Tested. The Julian Wu Life Project.'.
One Sunday afternoon in 2009, I was sitting with a cross generational group of mates at The Brunswick Green. One had decided to go to Canada for a year, and was reminiscing about Melbourne life. She talked about the food, the gigs, and then Julian Wu came up. Julian Wu as a fixture on the Melbourne Music scene for as long as anyone could remember. Not a band member, but a fan. It was at that point when 5 out of 6 all had encountered Julian Wu at some stage of their gig going lives. Rather curiously, no-one actually knew him personally.
 The posts are more of a journal about the live music scene in Melbourne and can offer some insight into what new bands are playing. Gig's are number and this blogger is up to their 204.5th gig for 2010.