Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gigs in Tokyo

A friend of mine wanted to know if I remembered any websites that listed gigs in Japan, as I once lived there back 2004-05, I couldn’t remember, I found a few links from another website. This is what I found.

Tokyo Gig Guide : I used to go to this site a bit, but know I don’t know how long it’ll be there because geocities will be closing down soon.

soundispatch: This is a collection of musicians, writers, designers and artist based in Tokyo -

Japan English Magazine -

Metropolis gig guide -

Japanese Music Mag -

music reviews, bands, gig schedule and event in Tokyo -

Japan times Concert listing -

Flyers and Posters from upcoming gigs and events -

A doco of underground music in Tokyo -

Record shopping in Japan -

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Video Bars in Melbourne CBD

397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

23 Meyers Place, Melbourne

If you know any more bar in Melbourne CBD, leave a comment.

New Music: Dirty Secrets

Dirty Secrets - Transmission
Four piece from Perth with a New wave type of sound.

My New Fav YT clib

Very thin Ice

This is my new favourite YouTube clip by user schmoyoho. I really love the vocoder, and this whole shadae thing(does he say Shadae). Also the keytar that pops up in the start.

Last Night:: Art, Coffee and Music

Some video I took last night while hanging with some friends.

The tune at the start was made with Korg DS-10 via my DS.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jeremy Jay

Jeremy Jay
'lite beam'(slow rez version)

Youtube channel

I'm now listening to this his album Slow Dance where you can find this track and also Slow Dance. This all reminds me of some tunes you may of heard on 80's am, but unlike those gold hits, I'm drawn to this.

Lowry - Whiskey

I can't get this Lowry(5 piece from Brooklyn) song out of my head, it's so familiar.

Sparrow House - Weeping Willow(Sebastian Schuller cover)

This is very haunting song, but am totally into it.
More can be found here at

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Uplate in Melbourne Podcast: Episode 3


1 Balmorhea 'Harm & Boon' from Album All Is Wild, All Is Silent
All Is Wild, All Is SilentBalmorhea
"Harm & Boon" (mp3)
from "All Is Wild, All Is Silent"
(Western Vinyl)
More On This Album

2 Dosh 'If You Want To, You Have To' from Album Wolves and Wishes
Wolves and WishesDosh
"If You Want To, You Have To" (mp3)
from "Wolves and Wishes"
More On This Album

3 Here We Go Magic 'Fangela' from Album Here We Go Magic
Here We Go MagicHere We Go Magic
"Fangela" (mp3)
from "Here We Go Magic"
(Western Vinyl)
More On This Album

4 Telephone Jim Jesus 'A Mouth of Fingers' from Album Anywhere Out Of The Everything
Anywhere Out Of The EverythingTelephone Jim Jesus
"A Mouth of Fingers" (mp3)
from "Anywhere Out Of The Everything"
More On This Album

5 Rae & Christian 'Play On (feat. The Jungle Brothers) (Regrind '09)' from Album Raiding The Vaults

6 Tune-Yards 'Sunlight' from Album Bird-Brains
"Sunlight" (mp3)
from "Bird-Brains"
(Marriage Records)
More On This Album

7 Lucky Dragons 'Morning Ritual' from Album Dream Island Laughing Language
Dream Island Laughing LanguageLucky Dragons
"Morning Ritual" (mp3)
from "Dream Island Laughing Language"
(Marriage Records)
More On This Album

8 Upsidedown Astronaut 'Transmission #4' from Album Flight 1998
Flight 1998Upsidedown Astronaut
"Transmission #4" (mp3)
from "Flight 1998"
(Kid Without Radio)
More On This Album

Friday, April 10, 2009

Aimee Mann

Just been watching Soundtrack To My Life (presented by Cat Deeley) with Aimee Mann, and they played this song.