Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes I forget

Going through my pictures, I found this one, not a great photo, taken back on the 25th of April 2010, at The Old Bar, band unknown.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Musical Chairs

Thursday 19th of August saw Gareth and I take on Musical Chairs, a segment on PBSfm Breakfast Spread. We had to ask five questions

Question 1: What song changed your life?
'Being Boiled' The Human League
Gareth and I both picked a Human League song, Gareth picked 'Being Boiled', this song summed up what was happening in music in the early 80's.

Question 2: What's your perfect Saturday night song?
'Circus of Horrors' Quiet Village from the Album Silent Movie.
I picked this track and it starts off with this deep base line that's gets you pumped. Silent Movie is a stand out album, with many great tracks.
 Silent Movie

Question 3: And Sunday morning?
'Bones' A Mountain of One from Album Institute of Joy
I picked this track from a great Psychedelic Rock album. Mountain of One reminds me of 70's band, even a touch of Fleetwood Mac, and is perfect to relax and kick back to.
 Institute of Joy

Question 4: Your ultimate desert island tune.
'Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free' Zombie Zombie
I also picked this one, if I was on a Island I'd probably go crazy and would need some suitable soundtrack, plus Zombie Zombie tracks are long. Check out the video on Youtube, a homage to John Carpenters 'The Thing' done with GI Joe toys.
Land for Renegades 

Question 5: The song you wish would start playing when you enter the room.
 'Love's a Real Thing' by Super Eagles
Last track Gareth picked, Love's a Real Thing by Gambian band Super Eagles, something that we played at the Northcote High Vibes festival 2009. Gareth would be happy to walk into a room with these cool African beats being played.
Senegambian Sensation

Recommended Albums

Crazy for You


Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Birmingham new band room

Saturday August 14th, The Birmingham, $8
Heavy Yolks, Joseph liddy and the Skeleton horse (QLD), Quoabe (Syd), Marf Loaf (Syd)
Marf Loaf
Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton Horse
The new band room is very cosy, although there there was trouble with the smell and sweat. The aircon was turned on but the window was still fogged up. Maybe this room could be on the nose come summer. However no poll in the middle of the room was great.

Marf Loaf two peice, great voice and excellent guitarist. Quoabe played some Gothic folk rock, guitar I could hear but his voice was a little muffled. Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton Horse, young band, had some loud rocking tunes mixed in with some quieter moments.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Late Night Black and White

Under St Kilda Road Bridge, Federation Square
Looking at Flinders Street Station, Flinders and Elizabeth Street
These pictures were taken on the 16th of April 2010. The first one was taken while having a drink with work mates at the Riverland Bar and the Second was taken in a apartments common area balcony. 

You can get a print of The Bridge here at Redbubble.and Flinders Street Station here at Redbubble.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Youtube Intro / Outro

The TV belong to my Great Aunt, but now resides at my Mum and Dad's, soon to be replaced by a flat screen TV. The Music in this video is by Youtube user VortexProducer, check his other tracks out at