Monday, November 30, 2009

Dead Set

link to youtube video if this embeded get taking down.

I been watching and enjoying Dead Set, a Zombie mini-series set in the UK big brother set. And it's been giving me the jumps.
Dead Set [DVD] [2008] PAL

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Zombie Movie Severed

SBS is having this Zombie festival on, and recently on another TV station they've been playing the Resident Evil movies, which were better than expected and fun.

This have a great show going over the forest at the start which you can part of this in the trailer. This is one of those movies where nature attacks back at humans, who have been destroying it and modifying it.

Find Severed - Forest of the Dead DVD at Amazon
 Severed - Forest of the Dead

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Barrel of Monkeys Blurb

This is the most recent blurb found in the PBSfm magazine Easystreet, I wonder if Mara wrote this?

It reads 'Feature albums, feature artists, interviews, one hit wonders, loads of great tracks and a healthy dash of trivia.'

Thursday, November 5, 2009

CMJ 2009

Here is a list of acts that I went to at CMJ, images to come. This list was compiled by Mara with more details, but I just wanted to list the band without comments. Although it was a great note she posted on facebook. I may further update this with my own notes that I made on my phone at some later stage.

UPDATE: There are a couple of wrong links in this post, I'm going through them again. Let me know if you spot anything wrong.

Tuesday 20/10/2009

Missed Surf City (myspace) in the NZ showcase - Were originaly Kill Surf City, but had to change there name due to a UK group with the same name. The four piece was one of the much hyped bands of CMJ 2009.

Venue Canal Room
Laura Warshauer (myspace) from New Jersey
Dick Prall (myspace)

Venue Crash Mansion Downstairs
Demander (myspace) from New York
Fag and Hag (Margaret Cho) 2 piece with backing tape, very funny.
Sydney Wayser (myspace) singer songwriter from Brooklyn, New York.
Family of the Year (myspace) 6 piece from Silverlake, California.

Venue Pianos
Jukebox and the Electric
The Octagon (myspace)

Venue Arlene's Grocery
Peephole (myspace) 3 piece from Brooklyn, New York
Mon Khmer

Wednesday 23rd October

Venue Sullivan Hall

Clinton Curtis (myspace) grew up between the islands of Jamaica and Key West, Florida, the son of musicians and reggaehall owners.

Venue Local 269

Venue Bowery Electric

Venue Mercury Lounge

Venue Cake Shop
We Are Country Mice (myspace)
Surfer Blood (myspace)

(Cake Shop - After CMJ acts)
Helado Negro (myspace)

(from this website) The son of Ecuadorean immigrants, Roberto Carlos Lange was born in South Florida in 1980. His childhood was suffused with tropical heat, humidity, hurricanes, all refracted with the rich sounds and colors of the various Latin American cultures of southern Florida.
Sure Juror (myspace) a 4 piece from Philadelphia, Pennsylvani
Poingly (myspace) solo artist with backing tape

Thursday 22 October 2009

Earl Greyhound (myspace)
Shooter Jennings (myspace)
JJ Grey and Mofro (myspace)

Venue Lit Lounge
Band Unknown

Venue Drom
Band Unknown (we had missed all the bands playing here but a Greek Band was playing tradional songs)

Venue Arlene's Grocery
Priestess (myspace)

Venue Piano's
BM Linx (myspace)

Venue Cake Shop
Shaky Hands (myspace)

Venue Delancey's
Male Bonding (myspace)
Crash and Burn

Friday Oct 23rd

NBC experience - Rockerfeller Plaza
XX (a short free set, non CMJ) (myspace)

venue The Knitting Factory
Budos Band (myspace)

Venue 790 Metropolitan Avenue
The Love Makers (myspace)

Venue The Suffolk - Matador Showcase
Cold Cave (myspace)
Ted Leo (myspace)

Venue Delancey's
New Villager (myspace) two piece from Ben Bromley & Ross Simonini are from GlenPark, CA + BedStuy, New York (well according to there myspace page)

Saturday 24th October

Venue Mercury Lounge (Sub Pop / Hardly Art)
Dum Dum Girls (myspace)
Moondoggies (myspace)
Golden Triangle (myspace)
Dutchess and the Duke (myspace) four piece from Seattle, Washington
Pissed Jeans (myspace)
Obits (subpop)

Venue Cake Shop
Miracles of Modern Science MP3

Other Cool Bars in New York City
Detroit Motor City
Beauty Bar

Images of New York

I put this video on my site, but thought I put it up here too, I'll post more Music oriented NY post's here and more Images on the gregtippett site.

Talking Dog

Thanks for Perk's for pointing this one out, 'A Boy & His Dog'.