Sunday, August 30, 2009

Music that will be played this Tuesday

Golden Silvers 'Arrows of Eros' from True Romance on XL

Bertie Blackman 'Thump' from Secrets and Lies on Forum 5 recordings

Not this one but something by Steve Spacek
"Original" Space Invadas (STEVE SPACEK and KATALYST)

also have another Wahoo track but this one is cool too

Wahoo 'Get Another Girl'

I love a Moutain of One, song 'Bones' from new Album Institute of Joy (2009). If you like Fleetwoodmac get into this!

and something some Zombie Zombie

Kaitsuburi "Tesri" Featuring Mico, Music by Robert Lippok & Barbara Morgenstern

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Magic Box # 1

This was taken late one night at PBSfm while doing a radio show you may listen to called Barrel of Monkeys (probably on the 18th August). We've nickname the Box at the front entrance of PBSfm as 'The Magic Box' as you never know what musical magic you can find, a gold coin donation and it's yours.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Three Gigs in One Night

The Thod at Revolver

Thursday 20th August


Neon, Royal Control, Shredded Vinyls and The Thod

I particularly went to this gig to see The Thod again as was unhappy with there last gig, nothing to do with them but the PA system at there last gig I went to was not the best quality, but I quite surprised with the Revolvers sound system as it was a treat, could hear everything that was going on stage, and there was so much in a 8 piece band. I highly recommend this young band, some great guitar work, and harmonica’s too.

Yah Yah’s
Don’t know which one I saw, but the guitar and bass was great, really drew me in.

Blue Tile Lounge
Don’t know who the band who was playing but they reminded me of Nirvana, and later I was told by someone that Nirvana

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Something new

I've been hearing this tune on a NAB commercial, and didn't know what it was well found out today while listening to Triple R it was 'Chasing Waterfalls' by Faux Pas. Faux Pas store has the EP that this song is from for free. Faux Pas is Tim Shiel is a Melbourne based producer, blogger and does some radio (by reading the blog did some time on Triple R breakfast).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

District 9

I saw District 9 yesterday, it was a packed cinema at 4pm, and not many add as well.

which reminded me of The Office

and this film Enemy Mine from 1985


Puta Madre Bros, 1 man band x 3

Saturday 15 August
Yah Yah's

Go-Go Sapien were on fire tonight, very tight, all wearing white, much more impressed than last show I saw them play at Yah Yah's.

Didn't know what I was going to see with Puta Madre Bros, it was a little hard to get a grip with the concept of a 1 man band x 3 (see above picture). They really did rock out to a packed crowd. There bio describes them as one-man-band-triplets of highly fuelled hi-speed knock-em-out mexicano-garage-soul music, but a work mate who came along describe them as Rockin Mariachi.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Thod

The Thod, Free
Royal Derby, Fitzroy
Friday 14/8/2009
Jugs of house Draught Beer $10 Jugs, it was ok, cold.

I haven’t been to the Royal Derby for quite some time, and even thought it had closed down. I think last time I’ve been there was in 2000 to whack some balls around on the pool table.

I enjoyed listening to the Thod material, believe it was a pre release CD that I got, but the PA system didn’t do them any justice, maybe the PA was set to loud, and the band couldn’t hear themselves. I also wasn’t a fan of the stage as the wooden partition (something you might see in a restaurant separating tables) seem to box the 8 piece band in.

The last band that I saw reminded me of early 90’s music, take a little from the Stone Roses and some other band I can’t remember. This band didn’t interest me, but the crowd seem to swell to watch them play.

The outside area was packed, even though it was cold, with plenty of smokers and non-smokers, enjoying a conversation where you could hear each other, remember those?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Chris Joss

Chris Joss - Discotheque Dancing

Will be playing 'I Want Freedom' by Chris Joss on the next Barrel of Monkeys. I think this album was released 2008 but I'm still coming back to it.


Siriusmo - Diskoding

Ben Mono
- Protection (Siriusmo remix)

Soul a Go Go

Some shoe gazing at Soul A Go Go

Another great Soul Night in Melbourne can be found at the Laundry every first weekend of the Month. It was probably the most packed Soul Night at the Laundry I have been too, know doubt for Vince's 25th. I was going to take some video and pictures but it was so dark so even see through the view finder, lucky for photo's it had that green helper light thing.

The Gem

Friday 31st of July 2009

The Gem in Colingwood has plenty of Elvis pictures, including this clock. Although there were plenty of tables and chairs in the bar area, there wasn't enough places to stand and dance as it got packed fairly quickly.

The Band was Chris Altmann & Que Paso
"Celebrating first gig at the Gem, and Zane's birthday!"
Was I told that Chris is from Vandas/Paesanos who plays lap-string steel.